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The Future of Healthcare Data Transformation Starts Here

Reduce implementation time and unlock revenue faster

Bunsen Health believes data transformation should be easy. Our platform is meticulously engineered to facilitate the fluid movement of healthcare data between virtually any health data type, format, or interface.

We've automated the most complex elements of the data transformation process, so your team can redirect their expertise to where it counts.

Tired of 6-month data integrations? Bunsen Health gets you connected in hours to that new format.

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Built for the Modern Age: Cloud-Based Speed combined with PHI Privacy

A platform that leapfrogs current tech limitations

Boost time-to-value and cut costs with Bunsen Health's cloud solution. Sign up instantly and pay only when data is transacted in production.

Combine convenience and security with Bunsen Health's innovative split-cloud model. Get a robust SaaS platform with the peace of mind that comes from keeping your data securely in your own cloud (Bunsen Health has no access ever).

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Smarter Data Transformation: AI-Assisted, Human-Approved

Let our AI do the heavy lifting while you stay in the driver's seat

Replace tedious data mapping, test creation, and other manual tasks with our AI-assisted automation. That gnarly specification you need to map? Just upload it.

Our intelligent platform takes the first pass at your data, so you can focus on fine-tuning and approvals. The result? Get data to production faster without sacrificing accuracy.

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Healthcare Data Evolves; Your Integrations Should Too

Catch errors before they happen

Traditional data integration methods often break with changes, but your data is a dynamic asset that should grow freely.

That's why Bunsen Health's TrueSchema™️ adapts in real-time, offering a living schema for seamless, resilient integrations.

Let your data evolve; we'll keep up.

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